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BVI Business Companies Act, 2004




Division 3 - Transfer of Shares

52. (1) Subject to any limitations or restrictions on the transfer of shares in the memorandum or articles, a share in a company is transferable.

(2) The personal representative of a deceased shareholder may transfer a share even though the personal representative is not a shareholder at the time of the transfer.

53. Shares in a company may pass by operation of law, notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the memorandum or articles of the company.

54. (1) Registered shares are transferred by a written instrument of transfer signed by the transferor and containing the name and address of the transferee.

(2) The instrument of transfer shall also be signed by the transferee if registration as a holder of the share imposes a liability to the company on the transferee.

(3) The instrument of transfer of a registered share shall be sent to the company for registration.

(4) Subject to the memorandum or articles and to subsection (5), the company shall, on receipt of an instrument of transfer, enter the name of the transferee of the share in the register of members unless the directors resolve to refuse or delay the registration of the transfer for reasons that shall be specified in the resolution.

(5) The directors shall not pass a resolution refusing or delaying the registration of a transfer unless this Act or the memorandum or articles permit them to do so.

(6) Where the directors pass a resolution under subsection (4), the company shall, as soon as practicable, send the transferor and the transferee a notice of the refusal or delay in the approved form.

(7) Subject to the memorandum or articles of a company, the directors may refuse or delay the registration of a transfer of shares if the transferor has failed to pay an amount due in respect of those shares.

(8) The transfer of a registered share is effective when the name of the transferee is entered in the register of members.

(9) If the directors of a company are satisfied that an instrument of transfer has been signed but that the instrument has been lost or destroyed, they may resolve

(a) to accept such evidence of the transfer of the shares as they consider appropriate; and

(b) that the transferee’s name should be entered in the register of members, notwithstanding the absence of the instrument of transfer.

55. Subject to Division 5, a bearer share is transferred by delivery of a certificate relating to the share.