Short Title and Interpretation Nature of Partnership Partner Relations to Other Persons Relations of Partners to One Another Dissolution of Partnership Limited Partnerships Limited Partnerships (2) Miscellaneous Licence Fees Fees Paid to the Registrar

The Partnership Act, 1996



109. (1) A general partner of a limited by the Court. partnership formed under this Act may, without the necessity of joining any other party, apply to the Court, by summons supported by any affidavit, for a declaration on any question of interpretation of this Act or of the memorandum or the articles of a limited partnership.

(2) A person acting in accordance with a declaration made by the court as a result of an application under subsection (1) shall be deemed, in so far as regards the discharge of any fiduciary or professional duty, to have properly discharged his duties in the subject matter of the application.

110. Part VIII of the International Business Companies Act applies, mutatis mutandis, to this Act.

111. A judge of the High Court may exercise Chambers. in Chambers any jurisdiction that is vested in the court by this Act and in exercise of that jurisdiction, may award such costs as may be just.

112. A prosecution for an offence under this prosecution. Act or any Regulations made thereunder may be commenced within five years from the date of the commission of the offence but not thereafter.

113. Any person who contravenes any provision fo this Act or any Regulation made thereunder commits an offence, and, unless otherwise provided in the Act or the Regulations, is liable on summary conviction to a fine of $5,000.00.

114. (1) The Partnership Act, 1888 is repealed.

(2) Section 3 of the Companies Act is repealed.